What Do Foundry Engineers Do?

Foundry engineers produce high-quality cast parts


At Faircast Inc. we are very proud of our foundry engineers. They are, simply put, fantastic at what they do. They work directly with each of our clients to ensure that the products we produce for them are the best that they can be. They answer each and every question about the manufacturing of the parts we are tasked to make. They quell any concerns that may arise regarding the project, the reviewing of all the RFQs they are given which are created by our sales team prior to working with the client. They then ensure the product is completely ready for production. Once every element of the project has been considered, they work closely with the production staff every step of the way as the project moves into production.


What are the requirements of being a Foundry Engineer?


The job of a Foundry Engineer falls under the broader career category of Materials Engineering.
These kinds of engineers are tasked with the work of evaluating materials and developing the machinery and processes required to manufacture materials for use in certain products. In a foundry, it will depend on what the foundry they work with focuses on producing. Those products must meet specialized design and performance specifications. Foundry engineers will develop new uses for known materials, work with composite materials or specialize in one type of material, such as graphite, metal, and metal alloys, ductile and grey iron and other compounds.

Some of their responsibilities include:
• Analyzing the test results regarding product failure to determine the causes and solutions for each problem.
• Considering technical specs and economic factors relating to product design objectives.
• Reviewing each product plan so as to be able to make recommendations for material selection.
• Consider design objectives, such as strength, weight, heat resistance, and cost when making these decisions.
• Reviewing production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information.
• Supervising the technicians, and other staff members working on each project that they are assigned to work on.
• Assisting in the development of materials for specific uses in a variety of products.
• Planning and evaluating new projects, consulting with other engineers and staff as needed.
• Supervising the testing of raw materials
• Supervising finished products to ensure quality.
• Monitoring the performance of the materials used in each project and checking for deterioration issues.
• Making sure procedures meet the expected costs, product specifications, and performance expectations.
• Testing processing procedures.
• Preparing proposals and budgets, analyzing labor costs, and creating written reports for both executive staff and the clients.
• Supervising production and testing processes in the day to day foundry’s operations.

Engineers must deal with exacting efficiency. They strive to eliminate wastefulness in production processes by devising systems that integrate workers, machines, and materials to create the best, most cost-effective products. Our engineers at Faircast Inc. excel at this.
It’s the job of an engineer to consider the best practices that lead to methods for getting the work done in the most efficient way possible. This requires that they balance many factors, including but not limited to considering the number of workers needed, the available technology, what actions workers will need to take, and of course, time. The goal is to achieve the best and most perfect end product while ensuring worker safety, deal with all environmental concerns, and come in at the lowest and best possible cost.

To find ways to reduce waste and improve performance, industrial engineers study product requirements carefully. Then they use mathematical methods and models to design manufacturing and information systems to meet those requirements most efficiently.
Working with highly trained and extremely professional engineers allows Faircast Inc. to work with a variety of businesses to effectively meet their project needs. When you choose Faircast Inc. and the engineers at our foundry for your project, you will get personal attention from one of our engineers. Every detail of your project will be carefully considered so we can offer you the best quality products at the best possible cost and in a timely manner to meet your project needs.

Let us set up a time to meet with one of our engineers and you will be in the best possible hands.