Top 5 Advantages of Induction Melting

Your business needs a forge, whether you are looking to buy one yourself, or hire a foundry, you need to know the best forge you can use in your business. When looking into it, you hear about induction melting, and wonder if it is a good fit for you. You ask yourself, why induction melting?

If you are asking yourself that question, then you found the right place! Read on for five top induction melting benefits, and why they’re a good fit for your business!

1. Efficiency Increase in Induction Melting

The induction forge melts metals using a high-voltage induction coil, which can heat the forge’s contents quickly. The forge uses frequencies around 50 – 10,000 hertz per second to heat the metal. These frequencies give the forge a higher thermal efficiency, which yields more steel.

2. Reduced Operating Costs

When paired up with the most up-to-date technologies in the steel industry, the induction forge’s power consumption is lowered a great deal. This allows for even greater efficiency. This is especially true when paired with automation, as this reduced waste production.

3. Science in Practice

One of the benefits of induction melting is the practice of electromagnetic stirring. When the high-voltage primary coil used to generate the electromagnetic field is used to heat the metal, the molten steel in the crucible is repelled as a result. When the steel is repelled, the molten steel in the center is made to rise.

This electromagnetic stirring allows the steel to be more consistent throughout its chemical composition. This consistency allows for a more stable product as well as a high yield overall. A stable product is a stronger product.

4. Minimized Oxidation Loss

The low frequencies used by the induction coil is effective in lowering the burning rate of the metal. This also reduces the oxidation of the molten steel. Since no electrodes are used in the process, this also reduces the carbon content of the steel.

One factor that reduces the oxidation loss is that electricity is the only element in the process of heating the metal. No extra carbon is needed, which reduces oxidation. Keeping the melt dense with few impurities is also a great way to reduce oxidation loss, and to increase the quality of the product.

5. Reduced Waste

An induction foundry is a step towards making your factory more environmentally friendly. Records show that induction melting releases less gas, dust, and smoke than other types of forge. They also contribute less noise pollution to the environment.

When adding additional equipment to an induction furnace, you can lower these emissions further. Air scrubbers and bag filters allow a forge to scrub out more particulate matter and other pollution from the forge’s gas emissions. Partnering your forge with new environmentally friendly add-ons significantly reduces what pollution your induction furnace gives off.

Induction Melting

The benefits of induction melting go beyond what other melting foundries can supply. Induction melting in your business can save you money and time, and allow your business to be more environmentally friendly than with other forges. Keep the benefits of induction melting in mind next time your business needs a forge!

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