Gray Cast Iron

Grey (also referred as, “gray.”) cast iron is the oldest type of cast iron being used today. It’s a type of iron with carbon greater than 2% and a graphitic microstructure which reveals the color we call grey. These castings are manufactured by foundries that manipulate their mold designs to cover a large range of industries. Our most common industries served are Agriculture, Auto Mobile Parts, Valves & Piping, Construction, Oil & Gas, and so much more.

Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile (also referred as, “nodular,”) cast iron.

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Updated for 2020


Here at Faircast Inc., we help design and create ductile iron castings that fit our customer’s needs. Unsure what to do? Our team will travel to you to help design the best quality and user-friendly castings for your final product. Don’t believe us? Call us today and set up a trip with our engineer! 


Even though we don’t provide paint or machining processes, we have the best local connections that can get those jobs done. So if you are unsure where to go after the casting process is done, we will provide and connect you will our local companies.