Our Iron Foundry Is Growing! – Faircast, Inc.

Recently, Faircast Inc. acquired Galesburg Castings in Galesburg, Illinois. This merger has added new facilities and personnel to the Faircast family; it has also added new capabilities that will help increase our customer base and serve our existing clients. Faircast Inc. now has increased foundry capabilities in addition to our already excellent molding capabilities. We also have added a first-rate machine shop, heat treating, industrial painting and coating, even a lab for doing metallurgical testing, and more. With all of these new services, Faircast Inc. has grown from an excellent foundry producing high quality ductile and cast iron products for industries across the country to a full-service company that can handle every aspect of production from design to packaging. Let’s spend some time looking at these new services and how they will help Faircast Inc. serve our customers better than ever.

Machining – We service a variety of industries that require high precision equipment. Often, tolerances are figured down to thousandths of an inch. This requires a high level of detail in parts manufacture. Parts may need to be refined after casting to ensure that they are within tolerances. Or special, custom parts may need to be constructed that require extremely detailed specifications. Without a dedicated machine shop and competent machinists to run the equipment, this work may need to be outsourced. Now, Faircast can keep all of our machining needs in-house, allowing us total control of the parts and machinery.

Metallurgical Testing – Metallurgical testing plays an important role in the iron foundry industry. It is important to test new iron alloys that our foundry engineers develop and ensure that finished products are up to the production standards of Faircast Inc. and will perform according to our clients. There are two main kinds of metallurgical testing – non-destructive and destructive.

Non-destructive testing: There are many different kinds of non-destructive testing. Dye penetrant, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic testing are just some of the more common tests. Such testing is done to verify that there are no flaws in parts and machinery that are going to the client before being shipped. These are tests that involve no damage to the product.

Destructive testing: Destructive testing is done with the intent to test the limits of the product, to find out how much a given material can bend or how strong of an impact it can take before breaking. There are a variety of other tests that can be performed that test different aspects of the metal. Charpy notch and Izod testing are two of the most common. Naturally, this kind of testing is not done on equipment that is intended to be shipped out as it destroys the product. Instead, this is done to verify the characteristics of a new alloy and/or to pick a set number out of a product batch to test as a representative sample. If the test sample passes, the batch is considered good and shipped to the client.

Industrial Painting – Industrial painting involves much more than merely a high-quality brush and paint. At the very least, it requires a high-quality spray booth with paints that set hard and quick. The best industrial painting that provides the hardest, most durable protective coating is powder coating. The metal to be coated is cleaned and then grounded. The powder is a mixture of polymer base, additives, and the desired pigments. The powder is negatively charged, and the machinery in question is grounded, causing the coating to electrostatically bond to the metal. The end result is a very strong, smooth, and durable surface that will withstand the most strenuous industrial environment far better than any conventional method.

These are just a sampling of the many new services and capabilities that Faircast Inc. has added to our portfolio with the acquisition of Galesburg Castings. In the next several articles, we will be looking at all of these new capabilities in depth. In addition to taking a quick look at our other services like metal treatment, we’ll be looking more closely at things already mentioned here. We’ll delve into the ins and outs of Charpy notch testing, of industrial powder coatings, and much more. With the growth of Faircast Inc., we will be better able to serve our clients with a product that we know will be the best available because we produced it from design to packaging.