Jim Steinbeck | Sales Manager

Jennifer VanCamp | Scheduling Supervisor

Jennifer Wilson | Production / Operations Manager

Jennifer Wilson has been in manufacturing business for 13 years, 10 of those being with the foundry. Working in almost every department of the foundry, Jennifer now leads the Foundry’s operations.

The goals she has set for her and her team are improving the customer experience with our loyal customers, and growing our business by bringing in new work that is a great fit for our foundry.

The knowledge that Jennifer has attained by working in several departments has made her extremely valuable to the Faircast organization. She believes that being a positive and honest leader for her team and giving them the tools to build lasting customer relations are both key ingredients to achieving industry excellence. While helping deliver quality castings, on time, for years to come is the recipe for success.

Makenzie Zeitler | EHS/Human Resources Manager

Makenzie Zeitler is a southeast Iowa native who furthered her education at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids Iowa. She received her Bachelors Degree in Business Management majoring in: Human Resources, Marketing and Management. She has been in the manufacturing business for over a year now in the Human Resource department while recently adding Environmental Health & Safety.

The benchmarks she has set for her and her co-workers is to provide not only a safe and enjoyable work environment for all employees but also focusing on teamwork, responsibility and loyalty. She believes part of being a good leader is being an effective communicator throughout the business and making a clear vision of what the company is trying to accomplish.

Makenzie believes that promoting Faircast’s core company values is the key to having a successful business that not only employees wish to work at but are proud of the work they produce.

Joe Holden | Maintenance Supervisor

Joe has worked almost 22 years at this facility. he spent his first 2 years in production, followed by 19 years in maintenance, 17 years as a lead man and currently as Supervisor. Joe has an Industrial Maintenance Degree but believes that his vast on-the-job experience is invaluable to continual growth and company improvement.

Joe oversees the maintenance department including not only immediate repairs but scheduling and follow-through on planned maintenance and repairs. He is involved with all mechanical aspects as well as purchasing and ordering of new parts and equipment. Joe is constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, increase efficiency and cut costs and waste.

Joe feels that a successful business is one which is constantly challenging its employees to provide a high quality product that is delivered on time and the support that is needed to get the job done.


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