Faircast Newsletter August 2019

Faircast, Inc. celebrated its first birthday on 6.28.18 and we couldn’t be more excited about our future, nor could we have done it without YOU, our loyal customers. We also wouldn’t be here today with our employees – each and every one of them bring something different to the table. Now more than ever; in this ever-changing economy, these foundrymen and women are faced with, “thinking outside the box,” and doing things a little different to get the job done more effectively and efficiently. The local groups of owners have been very upfront and honest. They truly care about the foundry and the people who keep it running. Monthly catered meals, our first annual picnic and a 401K contribution are just a few things our owners have done for the employees. We have also been given the opportunity to seek out and set up training with American Foundry Society and the Institute for our team. Furthering education and bringing new knowledge into the foundry is very important to the growth of the company, and we plan to do just that! Installing new equipment, clearing space and moving things around to make our foundry as efficient as possible.

We are so grateful for you! And to show it, we’d like to OFFER TOOLING DISCOUNTS FOR CURRENT CUSTOMERS that would like to source new work to us. Call or email our sales department to get the details today! With Capacity on our Disa machines and great lead times, you can’t go wrong with sourcing your casting needs to Faircast, Inc and its dedicated employees.

It is also with great pleasure we inform you, that Jennifer Wilson has assumed a new role, as the Production and Operations Manager. The past year, as Sales Manager, Jennifer has shown great efforts in keeping Faircast, Inc on top. We are confident that with her experience, talent and drive for excellence this will be a positive and strengthening move for our company.

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