Here at Faircast Inc., it takes several different teams and individuals to create the castings you need for your successful business.

Call us whenever you have a question: 641-209-4100

Main Departments & Extensions:

Accounting: EXT. 101

*Our Accounting Department will ensure they get whatever information you need in a prompt matter. Whether it’s invoices, checks, or account knowledge, give us a call and we can help you out. Give us a ring!

Engineering: EXT. 143

*Our Engineers are fantastic at what they do. They make sure your product is the best that it can be and will contact the customer directly on any questions or concerns regarding their parts. They review all RFQs given to them by our Sales Team, ensures the product is GO for production and provides competitive pricing for our quotes. Need help with your product? Just a dial away!

Human Resources: EXT. 118

*Our Human Resource is dedicated to our employees and facility. Making sure we are up to code and requirements and providing the Foundry with the best tools possible to uphold a steady team. Questions on employment applications or in general? Give us a call!

Marketing: EXT. 115

*Our Marketing Department takes pride in how Faircast Inc. is presented in all aspects. Whether it’s the website, social media, promotional items, literature, or articles, we are determined to provide the best materials for our customers, community, and employees. Want to do an article? Need some information? Have a suggestion? Call this number now!

Orders: EXT. 102

*Our Orders team can process each purchase order with the best of them. They double-check pricing and make sure that the customer and sales team are on the same track. Have a question on your order? Ask them today!

Purchasing: EXT. 114

*Our Purchasing Department provides us with the best quality items and services we need to succeed. Whether it's ordering for the office, foundry, or overall facility, purchasing has us covered. Have a service you know we need? Better pricing than the competition? We’re ready to hear from you!

Sales: EXT. 115

*Our Sales Team is exceptional on making sure you know it all. We are the middle man on making sure you get what you want for the price you deserve. We communicate with our engineers, ordering department, and operations to develop the best process for your part. Interested in Faircast Inc.? Let us know right now!