Common Equipment Produced By Foundries


We recently looked at some of the industries served by the dedicated professionals who operate the iron foundries of Faircast Inc. Specifically, we looked at some of the many high quality cast iron products we provide to the railroad, automotive, farming, and construction industries, and how they affect you every day. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the pieces of common equipment produced by foundries, which you can find, and the role they play in our daily lives.

Elevators – When you think of things you want to work every time, elevators would have to be on the top of the list. No one wants to be trapped in an elevator that gets stuck between floors, or worse, takes an unexpected fall. That’s why our foundry provides the highest quality iron pulleys, elevator cars, motor casings, and other materials to elevator manufacturers.

How it affects you – Elevators are used in almost every city on the planet. Whether it’s a high rise apartment building in Chicago, a two-story elevator at the local library, or a crane elevator helping an operator get to his job for the day, elevators with parts produced by Faircast make sure it works safely and reliably every day.

Air Compressors – Air compressors are another component that makes use of pulleys (or sheaves as they are sometimes called). These are often cast iron made in our foundry. An industrial-strength air compressor made for high levels of punishment all day throughout the year will also have a cast-iron tank.

How it affects you – Air compressors are a small piece of common equipment produced by foundries that plays a significant role. They are used in every mechanic shop to change your tires or fix your engine. They’re used in furniture factories to clear the sawdust away before applying a finishing coat. Air compressors exist on a construction site to clean equipment, inflate tires and assemble structures. They are used in power plants to provide pressurized air to open and close control valves. They are one of those pieces of common equipment produced by foundries that we tend to take for granted and notice only when they don’t work.

Generators – Stators and housings in major generators have to be up to the very highest standards of manufacture. This is true whether it’s part of an 800 Megawatt turbine/generator assembly in a nuclear power plant or a diesel generator providing power at a remote oil pumping station in Alaska. In those kinds of conditions, there is no excuse for anything but the very highest quality. Fortunately, the iron foundries of Faircast are up to the task.

How it affects you – Generators are an important part of the fundamental infrastructure of the United States and any first-world nation. Generators are used to take the motion of a steam-driven turbine and turn it into electricity. They provide emergency power for office buildings and hospitals when the power goes out. Generators help power the pumps oil and natural gas out of the ground and into refineries. Without durable generators, much of modern life would not even be possible.

Semi-Trucks – Those massive behemoths of the road are filled with cast grey and ductile iron products. Their engine blocks, wheels, rotors, calipers, drive trains, transmission casings, frames, and a whole host of other parts likely came from the furnaces of an iron foundry. Very likely the furnace of a Faircast iron foundry.

How it affects you – Like the humble air compressor above, the semi-truck is one of the things that we tend to take for granted. Despite that, they are essential. Trucks and the men and women who drive them bring livestock to be processed, clothes to stores, medical supplies to hospitals and so many other essential products to places where they are easily accessible for the rest of us. Anytime a truck doesn’t work right, someone has to wait for something they were needing. That’s just one more reason the men and women of Faircast Inc. place emphasis on quality workmanship.

As before, this is just a snapshot of the many cast grey and ductile iron products produced in our foundry. The products don’t just have relevance for the industries they are meant for but for the many industries that they serve as well. From the factory floor to the skyscrapers of the big city, to your kitchen table, the iron foundries of Faircast Inc play a part in making it all possible.