5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Foundry Company

Are you looking for a foundry company to cast your products?

There are a ton of foundries you could hire, but it’s important to choose the best one. Differences in customer service, quality, and production methods can make or break your product line.

Not every foundry company or casting supplier is created equal. How do you choose the best company for your business needs?

Here are five key qualities to keep in mind while you do your research.

Quality Standards

To begin, you’ll want to make sure the foundry operates by the highest quality standards. Do they follow safety guidelines? What is their QA process like?

Read through their QA logs and do your own inspection of their procedures. Are they certified? Do they have accreditation? These are all things you need to check before signing any contracts.

If possible, ask to tour the foundry so you can observe and ask questions about their quality process.

Foundry Company Reputation

Next, check the history of the foundry. Is it well-known as a casting supplier? Has it been around for a while? Is business good? What specialty industries does it produce for?

A good foundry will have excellent relationships with its vendors. It will be able to buy raw materials for production because it has the infrastructure and capital to handle the task.

Check for repeat customers, long-term working relationships, a good grasp of imports, exports, and logistics, and knowledge of best practices.

Conservation Awareness

Some foundries may not be aware of environmental concerns, but if you find one that is, consider it a huge plus.

Companies that take conservation seriously will stay in tune with local and national standards. They will clean up any industrial waste from their manufacturing processes and respect the health and safety of their neighbors.

If they’re making an effort to be careful about conservation, it’s likely that a foundry is also careful in other areas — like quality control — and following available guidelines.

This is one way to verify that you have a casting supplier with high standards.

Customer Reviews

If a foundry has repeat customers, that’s a very good sign of customer confidence. They’re likely to feel that what they’re paying is fair and the customer service is satisfactory.

Ask for referrals. A good foundry will be more than happy to connect you with current and former customers who can explain why they feel it’s the best casting supplier for them.

The Foundry Company Team

Be sure to talk with as many employees of the foundry as you can. Ask about their training and certifications and observe employees in action, if possible.

If the employees are happy and satisfied with their work environment, that’s a positive sign. Ask about safety procedures, how QA works, shipping and order management, and get to know details about the manufacturing process flow.

When you talk with management, be sure to include those with technical qualifications. You want to speak with the specialists who will be handling your project needs from start to finish.

Following these steps will help you find the best casting supplier for your business.

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