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Faircast has Acquired Galesburg Castings!

Faircast is happy to announce our acquisition of Galesburg Castings of Galesburg Illinois

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Grey (also referred as, “gray.”) cast iron is the oldest type of cast iron being used today. It’s a type of iron with carbon greater than 2% and a graphitic microstructure which reveals the color we call grey. These castings are manufactured by cast iron foundries that manipulate their mold designs to cover a large range of industries. Faircast's cast iron foundry division serves a variety of industries in Agriculture, Auto Mobile Parts, Valves & Piping, Construction, Oil & Gas, and so much more.

General Dimensional Tolerances

We produce cored and non-cored castings using the green sand process. Casting sizes range from 1-100+ pounds. We also offer local connections of value added services such as machining and painting, and can do pattern construction and repair.  By offering multiple types of iron & ductile iron casting, along with a variety of core machines and molding equipment, we can adapt to almost any casting need!


Our Waterwalled Cupola is a continuous melting shaft furnace which has by its inherent design considerable advantages over batch type melters such as electric furnaces or rotary furnaces. A cupola can accept a wide range of raw materials including oily, wet and contaminated scrap. These materials are unsuitable for electric furnaces for safety reasons and because of the contamination their use is also often limited for metallurgical reasons. In cupola melting there is a degree of refining as the metal forms droplets during melting before collecting in the well.

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Our Tooling Engineer quotes your parts with the best pricing that fits our capabilities.

Not only are we better or comparable on pricing than our competition, but our customer service is dedicated on thorough communication with you throughout the process.

Our Casting Foundry is constantly improving for all standards; engineering, quality, efficiency, customer service, and safety.

Once your product is finished producing, our shipping team will be ready to load your truck and send them on your way!

Our Maintenance Team is dedicated to providing safety and efficiency to our employees and customers.

We are proud to produce our castings here in the Midwest. We take honor in helping our customers, employees, and community thrive to be the best!


Faircast has been a leading iron foundry for decades, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to provide you the best quality ductile iron and gray iron casting in the Midwest. 

Our Quality Inspectors and Managers communicate with you to make sure your casting process goes as smoothly as possible.

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